1. Who we are

Pitigliani  - Italian Jewish Community Center-  opens its main door to everybody: children, young people, adults and elderly persons.


It is a meeting place where it is possible to find out and to go into different aspects of the Jewish culture and traditions.

Pitigliani is a non-profit organisation which takes care of informal education and assistance and it is a cultural institution which is active on the territory since some decades.

Pitigliani is a point of reference inside the Jewish world and for anyone who wants to approach this world.


In more than hundred years it has been growing the commitment and the enthusiasm to give greater impulse to informal education and to cultural proposal, to keep always pace with the times and to give adequate answers to requirements of the frequent visitors. At the same time the desire to offer to children and to adults a modern and pleasant environment has been rising, following the tradition and wishes of its benefactors.

In the heart of Trastevere, on the riverside in front of the Main Synagogue, Pitigliani has become broader and it has achievied a further step in the long walk to turn from a children’s home to a modern Jewish Community Center, as there are already in London, Rio de Janeiro, New York and in many places in the world.


Since over a century it is always an open main door. Pitigliani’s main door opens every day to take in people and to offer a meeting place, a friendly look, a smile and even much more.


2. History



Pitigliani was inaugurated on 29th June 1902 and it was born as an orphanage to accommodate Jewish children and to support poor families: a function developped above all after the two World Wars. Over its history it will become also a center of first reception and temporary residence  for Jewish people coming  from Lybia in 1967 and from Iran in 1979-1980.

From 1987 to 1997 Pitigliani becomes BaitBet,“ a second home”, by a will to grow up with Jewish education. Since then this course goes on with daytime and evening activity, during working and holidays days, for all age brackets.




Our Centre develops mainly educational activities for young people of our Community; so in our spaces they find a place where they feel they are welcomed, understood and helped.

Assistance, education and diffusion of the history, of the traditions and of the Jewish ethical principles are the aims of our daily actions, involving also adult people, always looking for an exchange  of knowledge and experiences.


Besides our educational activities, which engages most of our strength and resources, we have also a large cultural area which organizes several events during the year in order to cause  a larger knowledge of Jewish and Israeli culture to curious to know and interested people.